Field trip Tuesday, 7 February 8:00 - 13:00

Hydro is a global aluminium company with production, sales and trading activities throughout the value chain, from bauxite, alumina and energy generation to the production of primary aluminium and rolled products as well as recycling. Based in Norway, the company has 13,000 employees involved in activities in more than 50 countries on all continents.

European Aluminium has organised a tour of Hydro Aluminium Deeside Ltd in Wrexham especially for Congress participants. With an annual production capacity of 60,000 metric tons, the Deeside plant serves its customers with value added extrusion ingot based on pre- and post-consumer aluminium scrap.
Itinerary Field Trip

08:00 Leave Manchester by coach

09:15 Arrival at plant, PPE and safety talk

09:45 Plant tour

10:45 End Plant Tour, light refreshments, feedback / questions

11:15 Coach leaves back for Manchester
Please note that this visit has limited seats therefore the booking is on first come, first serve basis!

View of the Casting area, with the melting furnace, casting furnace and skimming machine.

Tuesday, 7 February 13:00 – 17:25


13:00 – 14:00 Welcome lunch

14:00 – 14:35 Opening Session

Congress welcome - Agenda, process and participant introductions -
Gerd Götz, Director General, European Aluminium

Introducing participants
Aminda Leigh - Congress facilitator

Keynote Speech
Mr. Gwenole Cozigou, Director for Resources Based, Manufacturing and Consumer Goods Industries, DG GROW

14:35 - 15:05 Session 1

The Circular Economy Potential

  • • European Parliament's views and priorities to make the circular economy happen - Julie Girling, MEP
  • • The aluminium industry contribution to Europe’s global leadership for a circular economy - Roland Scharf-Bergmann, Norsk Hydro ASA & Chair of the Recycling division


15:05 – 15:35 Coffee break

15:35 - 16:25 Session 2

The aluminium recycling market outlook

  • • International forecast on aluminium recycling - Marco Georgiou, CRU Group, U.K.
  • • The global mass flow project - Marlen Bertram, Director Product Stewardship, International Aluminium Institute (IAI)
  • • Q&A

16:25 - 17:25 Session 3

Enhancing the collection of aluminium scrap: a sizeable challenge?

  • • Landfilling and illegal exports of End of Life Vehicles: the unwanted reality - Beate Kummer, ScholzAlu
  • • Building and construction demolition - aluminium waste collection - Thomas Lauritzen, Vice Chairman of A / U / F Board
  • • Meeting the challenges of increasing recycling levels in Europe's largest aluminium packaging market - Rick Hindley, Alupro
  • • Q&A


Tuesday, 7 February 19:00 – 22:00

Are you a football fan? Take time off in the evening and indulge yourself in a visit of the landmark stadium in the heart of Manchester. Enjoy your dinner with a view over Manchester City Etihad Stadium, take a tour and go behind the scenes of one of the oldest football teams in the UK.

19:00 – 19:30 Visit of the Manchester City Football Etihad Stadium (optional)        

19:30 – 20:30 Cocktail

20:30 – 22:00 Dinner

Wednesday, 8 February 09:00 – 15:30


09:10 - 10:35 Session 4

Spotlight on innovation in recycling

  • • Introduction - Magdalena Garczyńska, Recycling Director, European Aluminium
  • • New aluminium recycling concepts - Prof. Bernd Friedrich, RWTH Aachen University
  • • High Shear processing of Recycled Aluminium Scrap for Manufacturing High Performance Aluminium Alloys - Prof. Geoff Scamans, Brunel University London
  • • Benefits and limitations of scrap recycling for the high performance alloys - Werner Fragner, AMAG Austria Metall GmbH
  • Expert Panel discussion


10:35 – 11:05 Refreshment break / poster session

11:05 - 12:10 Session 5

Closing the loop: concrete examples in the recycling value chain

  • • Innovative aluminium solutions for Jaguar and Land Rover - Adrian Tautscher, Jaguar Land Rover
  • • Aluminium packaging: a vital ingredient for a circular economy - Christophe Boussemart, Sustainability Manager, Nespresso
  • • Evolution of the aluminium content in cars and effectiveness of end-of-life recycling - Patrik Ragnarsson, Senior Manager Automotive & Transport Group, European Aluminium TBC
  • • Q&A


12:10 – 13:10 Lunch

13:10 - 14:20 Session 6

The technological developments (Subject to revision)

  • • A new dross salt slag recycling process - Alan Peel, ALTEK
  • • Turning wastes into resources: Fully recycling of salt slags in the aluminium industry - Adrian Platt, BEFESA
  • • REDWAVE 3-way sorting: A new way to sort aluminium scrap - Martin Weiss, REDWAVE
  • • Q&A


14:20 – 14:30 Closing Session

Closing remarks
Gerd Götz, Director General, European Aluminium